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Establish Yourself on the food ordering business

Meet the Grubhub Clone restaurant ordering app

The goal of the Grubhub Clone script is to create an easy way to allow users to order their favorite food.

Through the restaurant ordering app script similar to Grubhub you can provide a safe and fast way to ask for food delivery. The Grubhub Clone script is a thoroughly developed food ordering app that offers a successfull set of tools for you to evolve your business.


The best restaurant ordering app for your business

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Grubhub Clone's features

Learn everything about what this restaurant ordering app can offer


The app allows the users to find the closer restaurants and is able to offer a real delivery estimation.


The restaurant ordering app allows the user to see all offers on discount, and they can be filtered by the distance or value.

Subscription and online payment

All the financial aspect of the app will be developed within the software. The source-code is ready to automatically charge costumers wishing to subscribe.


The restaurant ordering app allow users to rate the app and all establishments. Each establishment will be assigned to the rating it received, based on the offered services.

Multiple restaurants and citys

Our restaurant ordering app support users and establishments in numerous citys across the globe, which can guarantee a better reach to your service.

Google integration

The app will import all the establishments’ data from Google Places. It’s up to you to customize the portal and offer features that match your user’s preferences.

SEO Ready

The SEO service is really important to search engines. This way, your app can be found with less effort, improving your visibility and reach.


The establishments will have access to a intuitive panel where they can register photos and info about their services. The financial aspect of the app will be automized.

General management

You’ll have access to a fully operational management panel, where you can administrate all of your business results and details.

What Grubhub can offer

the perfect food ordering system for your business

You’ll get a complete package with 5 similar softwares, based on the Grubhub Clone business model. You also get all the setting and warranty to make sure the restaurant ordering app works exactly how it’s supposed to.


The restaurant ordering app will be ready to use on devices running both iOS or Android. We also publish your app into Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 


The web portal works as a marketing tool, improving your revenue and boosting your public reach.


This panel allows the establishments to manage all the info displayed on the app and register offers and photos.


In this panel you will have access to all of your business’ informations and will be able to control everything according to your preferences.

All 5 Grubhub Clone Script’s softwares, part of the restaurant ordering app, will be customized according to your business preferences.

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How it works

We can help transform any viable idea in reality using the Grubhub Clone Script’s business model. Feel free to be creative and contacting us to offer you the best solution.

After understanding your idea, we will adapt it to Grubhub Clone’s business model. We’ll work on making everything go according to plan. We will analyze the costs and the estimated time to implant the modifications, and send you the estimated budget for the restaurant ordering app finalization.


  • Reduces the margin of error;
  • Creates a well-documented project;
  • Real-time gauging;
  • We keep you informed – always

This is the stage of the process where you start seeing your dream coming true. First, you send us your logo (you still don’t have a logo? we can help), then you work with our engineers on choosing every single visual aspect of the Grubhub Clone Script. This part of the project only ends when we are all satisfied with the result.

After finalizing the app development, we start our testing process. Every project can present a few mistakes during its development stage. To prevent that, we test every single tool of the Grubhub Clone and find the solutions to any type of error.

Now your Grubhub Clone app is ready, but the work is still not finished. We help you with the release of your app onto the app stores, and also work on the website finalization.

What our clients say about us

Right when our pertnership started I had no doubt that this was the best choice we’ve made so far. The project was challenging because of the limited time and the complexity involved. The team behind Codificar was quick to understand us and establish a relashionship based on trust that has been growing over time. The success of our project was guaranteed by the correct attendance of our needs. We are sure to continue this partnership for many years!.


They were quick to assume a risky project and were able to deliver the best results we could have imagined, right on time. Our partnership with Codificar allowed us to develop 2 SmartTV’s applications and a multiplatform mobile app in less than 20 days. We hope to keep this partnership for a long time.



“Codificar has provided a very good partnership with PwC, and we can always count on the agility of their services, from the technical analysis to the development of the working, always offering all support and maintenance necessary. One of the many projects counted with a judicious phase of software architecture. We are pleased with this partnership, and we intend to keep it for many more years.




The deadline for the delivery of your Grubhub Clone app is 60 days, counting from the day the contract becomes valid. The development time can vary if the client don’t provide all necessary information.

The restaurant ordering app will work perfectly. Our restaurant ordering app has been tested and verified on all levels. Also, if any correction is to be applied, you can coun on our warranty policy.

Our employees are competent and well-trained to develop every project with all dedication needed. We work with a team full of analists, designers and coordinators to deliver the best solutions for your needs. All is planned and executed with precision.