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What is Uber Clone Script?


The popularity of mobile apps like Uber created an infectious trend. The Uber Clone Script allows you to connect with the professional you want to reach within a couple minutes and is expansible to inumerous market categories. Whether you want to work with autonomous professionals, program pizza deliveries or open a new taxi booking startup, the Uber Clone Script is the best choice to help you in every single case. With worldwide verified success, this new business model is hard to ignore. Customize it with your own idea and you’ll have everything you need to be the new face of mobile triumph.

Aplicativo já instalado na AppStore e Google Play, pronto para download e uso.


The Uber Clone Script app is already on the AppStore and Google Play, and is ready for download and use.

Mapa Geolocalizado


Geolocalization is used to locate your phone or computer. This technology is fundamental to Uber Clone’s workflow.



Your client will be able to know the price of any ride before they start, and you’ll have everything registered on the Uber Clone Script database.

Sistema Web


It’s the brains of your app. It will store all the documents, maps, and be able to manage all drivers and professionals working with your company.



Your online webpage. The website will be your main marketing tool, so your clients can find you and know more about what you offer.



Your idea deserves a design that matches all your expectations. You are the boss, and can choose the colors, inspirations and details. You are fundamental to this process.

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How it works

We can help transform any viable idea in reality using the Uber Clone Script’s business model. Feel free to be creative and contacting us to offer you the best solution.

After understanding your idea, we will adapt it to Uber’s business model. We’ll work on making everything go according to plan. We will analyze the costs and the estimated time to implant the modifications, and send you the estimated budget of Uber Clone Script’s finalization.


  • Reduces the margin of error;
  • Creates a well-documented project;
  • Real-time gauging;
  • We keep you informed – always

This is the stage of the process where you start seeing your dream coming true. First, you send us your logo (you still don’t have a logo? we can help), then you work with our engineers on choosing every single visual aspect of the Uber Clone Script. This part of the project only ends when we are all satisfied with the result.

After finalizing the app development, we start our testing process. Every project can present a few mistakes during its development stage. To prevent that, we test every single tool of the Uber Clone and find the solutions to any type of error.

Now your Uber Clone app is ready, but the work is still not finished. We help you with the release of your app onto the app stores, and also work on the website finalization. After that, we still won’t abandon you, offering 60 to 90 days of warranty.


See the Uber Clone Script working


What our clients say about us

“They took in a risky project and delivered it fast, while guaranteeing everybody’s satisfaction. In less than 20 days we were able to create 2 SmartTv apps and a multiplatform mobile app. We hope to keep this partnership.”

Sergio Canguçu Brincar de Brincar

Codificar took our already ongoing project after a few problems with former suppliers and finished and published the app meeting all our expectations. We found Codificar to be the ideal partner to keep our projects going.”.

Evandro Ribeiro – Book Rosa

Codificar keeps on providing great services to PwC developing the SETOP/MG’s Integrated Permit System. There has been three big projects to this day utilizing frameworks implementation. We can always count on their agility and support during all the stages of the process, from the requirements engineering to the release of the software. One of the projects was the migration of a desktop system to the web which counted with a carefully executed software engineering phase. We are very satisfied with this partnership, and we hope to keep it for a long time.”

Felipe Merenciano PWC’s Manager



  • Native App;
  • Custom layout;
  • Publishing and releasing.

App Avançado

  • Custom business rules;
  • Assignment of the source code;
  • Own server installation.

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