Get established in the online booking market with a well-placed, easy-to-use, high-level script.

The use of booking applications grows daily and is open for exploration. If you are an entrepreneur and want to open their possibilities in the market, learn how to invest in Hotel Booking Website Script and develop.

What is Hotel Booking Website Script?

Hotel Booking Website Script is an online booking software. It is the best online booking script, and helps travelers find and book places to stay in season. The script is complete and has information such as the type of property to be reserved, room number, location, price, photos and online transactions. Thus, users use it in a quick and complete way. Hotel Booking Website Script is exclusively designed for you to create your own rental platform and create your investment niche.




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KNOW WHY TO CHOOSE Hotel Booking Website Script

Responsive Design
You can access the platform via computer, phone or tablet with the same quality and interactive experience.

Powerful performance
The application performance speed is extremely fast.

Our script is constantly updated.

Website Backup
Online backup is constant, not affecting your usage process at the moment and always ready for you when you need it.

Easy customization
The application is 100% customizable according to your business model.

Unlimited Number of Properties

The number of properties is not limited, you can add as many lists as you want on your site, and can also edit and manage your list easily.

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What am I getting?


The Hotel Booking Website Script has packages that suit your desire. Choose what to get and stay on top of how to develop your business based on the most complete script on the market!



With this plan, you can develop and publish your website with hosting option and native apps for iOS and Android.


The Bronze package includes responsive design, free upgrades, unlimited number of guests, establishments and card payment.


The silver package continues the Hotel Booking Website Script journey, including responsive design, miscellaneous payment forms and VIP service.


The gold package is the most complete premium version. In addition to having all the Hotel Booking Website Script features, it still has 100% customizable code, ideal to take your business to the next level.

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What else can I do with Hotel Booking Website Script?


With Hotel Booking Website Script, you do not have to limit yourself. Our script is the basis for the development of various other niche markets.





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What our clients say about us

Right when our pertnership started I had no doubt that this was the best choice we’ve made so far. The project was challenging because of the limited time and the complexity involved. The team behind Codificar was quick to understand us and establish a relashionship based on trust that has been growing over time. The success of our project was guaranteed by the correct attendance of our needs. We are sure to continue this partnership for many years!.


They were quick to assume a risky project and were able to deliver the best results we could have imagined, right on time. Our partnership with Codificar allowed us to develop 2 SmartTV’s applications and a multiplatform mobile app in less than 20 days. We hope to keep this partnership for a long time.


Codificar has provided a very good partnership with PwC, and we can always count on the agility of their services, from the technical analysis to the development of the working, always offering all support and maintenance necessary. One of the many projects counted with a judicious phase of software architecture. We are pleased with this partnership, and we intend to keep it for many more years.


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Our technical team will do free installation on your Linux server or free hosting, and this does not include support or to install on your machine or local host.

The average time to complete our free installation takes 12 to 24 hours, depending on the web hosting company.

After purchasing the script, if someone on your part modifies or changes the code, our free support, regardless of the chosen plan, is void. Hotel Booking Website Script does not guarantee any problem generated in our script by any external or third party resource.

Once the purchase has been successfully completed and verified by our financial team, we will email the source files download link from our support email. You need to download the document within 24 hours because it will no longer be available. In addition, we will do free installation in the premium customer server, if they provide the login credentials to access the server. To provide better support for premium customers, we provide them with access to our management tool called, where our technical team will be available for immediate response. With this, our customers do not have to worry about after-sales support, as they will become part of our team.

Paypal offers a free starter package. Other than that, we can integrate any payment method if the API information is provided.

The Hotel Booking Website Script is built with the CodeIgniter framework and the platform is LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP).

Once the product is downloaded successfully, there is no refund as we are working with intangible digital product. We provide the demo link on the website where the product can be tested before purchased. If you have any questions about the site after purchase, regarding the installation or problem with the site, you can contact us directly through our project management tool or through the support email or skype.

Customization is available. We can create new designs, payment options or features. To start, send us an email to with all the documents, scope, photos, ideas that will help us to deliver you the most accurate estimate.

Hotel Booking Website Script demo will always be the latest version available. It originates from the same installation package you receive after buying the script. The demo is limited in some parts to prevent fraud, but you will have full access to the copy you receive.

Yes. Once you have bought the script of us, it’s yours. No hidden fees or additional payments.

Yes we can! Our professional installation service for a domain is provided with your purchase, free of charge. Once the payment is confirmed, please provide us with the credentials of the server and our team will take care of the installation of the domain. You can do this by replying to the email sent by

We do not offer reimbursement. Because we believe that pre sales talk and demo offered are sufficient for the purchase decision. For more information, please read our return policy.

Hotel Booking Website Script does not come with technical documentation. If you need any assistance, please contact us at to know an estimated value of a custom version.

We can understand that there may be minor glitches in the system, even after months of hard work and development. We excel in our system performance and customer feedback. If we find a bug that results from our programming, we will fix it and strive to launch a free update as soon as possible.

What you will receive depends on which license you buy*. Single domain license format: Main files (PHP) are not encrypted by layout and design (HTML and CSS) can be accessed and customized. But single domain licensing is encrypted. Open Source [White Label] and multidomain: Do not have encryption, but all files can be updated by the owner. * All script features are available to administrators and users. If you need a multidomain in the white label version send an email to and make the quotation.

Yes, you can change these files because you will have access to them with the purchased license.

The Hotel Booking Website Script comes with a standard template. If you want a unique design template, contact or talk to our sales team to discuss details and values.

Domain change is possible. To make the change you should send us an email to with your current domain, purchase order number and name to change your current domain. NOTE: A domain can only be changed once during the period of 6 months. Also, do not change the configuration before receiving our confirmation of the completion of your order. If you make the change before our confirmation, your request may not be available. This service is based on the license version you have acquired.

Yes, we can install the cloud script like Amazon, digital ocean, rackspace etc. Need a Linux server.

The platform we use is LAMP. It works on all Linux servers, if Windows needs to adapt some modules on the server.