Business Directory App

Create local business listings for your city

Purpose: People use the internet as mush as they can. It is common to expect consumers to search for products and services on online platforms. The Business Directory App simplifies the access to everything local businesses can offer in an intuitive and convenient way.

Convenience: The Business Directory App allows you to present useful information and local listings of businesses and professionals. Everything will be available on a simple platform. The platform isn’t useful only to those looking for a service: here, clients and providers will be at the same place. Everbody will benefit.

Track your progress: Besides all the benefits a Business Directory can bring, you’ll have access to everything happening on your local listsings app through an conplete WEB system with all the information needed so you can perfectly manage your business.

How it works

responsive, functional and adaptable

The Business Directory App

Navegating through the Business Directory App, you’ll find many search fields and filters such as:

  • Companys and Services;
  • Products;
  • Health guide;
  • Yellow pages;
  • Info.

These screens will help you navegate ina  simples way, easing the process of finding the service you’re lookin for.

The Business Directory App

The system will also allow businesses to advertise and provide all type of information important to their clients. Both the mobile and web versions of the Business Directory are developed to be useful and intuitive.

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The Business Directory App package

Create local business listings

The App


The app was developed to word perfectly on both iOS and Android operational systems, implementing all the previously described functionalities. Through the app, the user will be able to search for local services, products and businesses. Besides the Business Directory App, we’ll also deliver a management portal so you can control everything happening on the app. You’ll be able to add, remove or update informations about the businesses available.

Web Portal


The Business Directory web portal is a powerful marketing tool and offers the same functionalities as the app. The user will be able to find services, products and businesses they are looking for through the platform. Combined with a detailed SEO optimization, the web portal will be essential to grow your business.



All the info can be managed by a system that allows you to add, edit, search or remove establishements, categories, regions and citys, combined with a complete set of data essential to the management of your app. The application also offers detailed reports about the traffic on your portal.

Warranty and free Updates


We offer full correction updates for 3 months after the app is published.
All updates developed by Codificar will be available for 12 months so the users can update the Business Directory App for free.

Business Directory Functionalities

The Business Directory App platform is dedicated to help user find the services, products and businesses they are looking for. They will also have access to local yellow pages, classified ads and a health guide with all the needed information. You can find many functionalities on the system, such as:



The establishments are the heart of the app. They have a stunning hotsite, that allows the registration of products, events and a gallery.

Products and Classified Ads

Businesses and users can advertise and add local classified ads to spread the message and reach more clients.


Besides establishments registration, the app also allows users to add local concerts, nightclubs and events and associate it to an establishment.


It’s possible to register how many categories you want to better serve your clients. Howerver, we offer an hierarchical inicial setup to review and customization.


It allows the users to find an establishment close to him through the app and also offers the best route for arrival.


With the review system, you’ll have dozens of people rating establishments on your city, generating rankings of the best services offered.

SEO Ready

The service is completely optimized to search engines. Google will love your website and rank on the first page of your region!

Multiple Cities

Don’t be stuck with only one city. Our system allows the advertise of business, products and services for more than one city.

Subscription and online payment

With our tools you’ll never have to worry about the financial aspect of your business. The app is developed to automatically generate monthly charges to clients interested on online subscription.

Google import

The app will automatically import all local data from Google Places, and you’ll only be responsible for customizing the portal according to your clients demand.

PUSH Notifications

Allows the users to follow establishments and be updated about changes, events and discounts through push notifications.

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What our clients say about us

Right when our pertnership started I had no doubt that this was the best choice we’ve made so far. The project was challenging because of the limited time and the complexity involved. The team behind Codificar was quick to understand us and establish a relashionship based on trust that has been growing over time. The success of our project was guaranteed by the correct attendance of our needs. We are sure to continue this partnership for many years!.


They were quick to assume a risky project and were able to deliver the best results we could have imagined, right on time. Our partnership with Codificar allowed us to develop 2 SmartTV’s applications and a multiplatform mobile app in less than 20 days. We hope to keep this partnership for a long time.


“Codificar has provided a very good partnership with PwC, and we can always count on the agility of their services, from the technical analysis to the development of the working, always offering all support and maintenance necessary. One of the many projects counted with a judicious phase of software architecture. We are pleased with this partnership, and we intend to keep it for many more years.


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